Sunday, June 6, 2010

When in "ROME"

Okay, yeah so this was supposed to be the place for fun and frippery, wonderful and whimsical, creative and crafty-you get my drift. So I was recently called to be on the "float committee". For those of you in the will know what THAT means. For others it will seem pretty uh, strange. I WISH rootbeer and ice-cream were involved

SO, my moments of the above fun and frippery...etc. have been shelved for now. I am a "foam artist" and that is really stretching it. Basically it means that I get a call from"Dave" and I go over and pick up my assignment. It involves big blocks of styrofoam and plywood glued together in shapes and that's where I come in.Then I come home and shave with my electric knife and smooth and carve and swear a bit...
I went to the 3 dollar fabric store and found this velvety fabric for uh,,,,3 dollars a yard. And the snipping and hotgluing began...and MANY hours later...there they are...all ready for their infamous ride down STATE STREET....

I am afraid that they look at bit like they have been drinking "moonshine" or something...but there is no time for sobering up... I am carving the cow tomorrow!


  1. Okay, this is all beginning to make sence, why an artist was needed in South Jordan...

  2. I think those rabbits are hilarious!