Monday, May 30, 2011

Shoe RE-DO

Hello, me again. Been shopping at Target and found these lovely mustard yellow shoes. Got to thinking that they would be cute if they had embellishment...don't you think?
So I hunted for some mustard yellow Lots of black and brown and even rust colors out there. Until I began looking at recycled leather....

and found a couple of left handed gloves missing a partner...PERFECT! I cut out a pattern and traced it on the back of the glove lightly so it wouldn't show after being cut up...

I also cut off the cuff seam and rolled it and glued the end with "FABRIC TAC" glue. ( wonder stuff I tell you!). I noticed the flower petals were a little frayed so I rubbed a bit if the glue on each outside petal. I then cut a circle that fit the rolled middle and put a bit of glue inside that and tacked them all together. I positioned them on the shoe and put "glue" on both the flower and the shoe.

Cute huh? Maybe I need a new mustard yellow ensemble??? Ha.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bling in GREEN

Part of our "WICKED" experience has to include some crafting together. Debra and Breya had been quite busy with witch hats for all and Megan made some cute flower pins. So, in the theme of green, I began looking for a project to add.

I scoured local jewelry places and finally found some cute blank charms. I printed out words and logos and then covered them with diamond glaze...

(okay, this picture is REALLY is only an inch and a half long!!)I already had a necklace that I had got very cheap at FOREVER it worked out perfectly.

I also added the clock charm (you will have to see the show to understand the thirteenth hour...)

A girl always can use some new bling in her life....

Sunday, May 22, 2011


If you know me at all you know that I LOVE flowers. I am sure that my mothers own love of her flower garden rubbed off on me. Of course, there was the incident with my bum lambs that got into her rose bushes and ate all the buds off...and a bunch of days of extra dish washing.

So this wonderful trend of ruffles and flowers, well it just tickles me uh ....PINK! I love the planning and the glue and starch bath for the fabric and dyeing the perfect color of pink... Then comes the cutting and glueing and deciding what will be in the much fun and not a speck of dirt under my fingernails.

And being past the worry of being cool and worrying about what others think... (See above post)I love making these large blooms and wearing them. The only bad that they don't smell. HMMMM.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok, I know you are out there. Those of you that have those cravings....those dark, deep, crispy around the edge, rich, nutty, semi sweet chunk, COOKIE cravings.

When that dark chocolate craving hits are helpless. You are desperate. You are weak. You scrounge through your pantry for the dark stuff. THE DEEP DARK STUFF.....chocolate that is.

You know that there are NO deep choco lovers in your house and STILL you can't shake off the cookie goblins. THOSE dark spirits that entice you to make cookies that you SHOULDN'T make cuz if you will wanna eat them-ALL.

But just your luck, you scrounge and find...walnuts, semi-sweet bakers chocolate, l cube of butter, and 2 eggs-oh dear....all the essentials to these babies. But it is "cookie" day at the neighbors and you wanna take some and couldn't show up with just ANY cookie....ah. DARK MADNESS.

And if you are interested in a recipe....It is Martha's. Ah yes, dark madness.
Oh, and milk...ah, yes, you will need MILK!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still "green" and still "for good".

It was FABULOUS. It was AMAZING. It was about family....sisters and daughters, and nieces and grandmas. It was the most fun I have had in a long time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting my green on!

I am headed out of town to see "Wicked" for the fourth time. And it will be with my 2 sisters and mom and we are gunna have a great time. I am so excited. So in honor of the "GREEN" I wanted to spruce up my wardrobe. I had this sweater I had already embellished and saw that Target had this cute shirt on clearance so I went out and bought two. One is for the garment and the other is for cutting up and embellishing...really.

So here are a few pictures of the methods in my madness..... here is the original shirt....rather boring, I would say.

So then, cut up the OTHER shirt (I will tell that tale another time...) into strips but found out pretty soon that I needed to cut them on the length of the shirt instead of across the shirt...because the fabric rolled onto itself if you cut across...

I cut 3 1/2" strips and the cat decided to sit on them....such a helper.

Then I ran a gathering stitch along the long edge. Oh, and I decided I wanted the neckline higher so I inserted a piece inside the front. I just topstitched it because it won't show.

Then I just started pinning the desired length of ruffles and sewing them down.

For the top one, I sewed it right side of ruffle to wrong side (inside) of the top so it would just flip over. I did find that I needed to make a facing to hold it in place. Also, be sure and do the edge stitching to make it flat. Pressing it will also help it stay in place.


Here is my finished custom when I see someone else in this shirt, I will think, "yeah, it's the same shirt lady, but mine is customized!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pinky up, mad hatter party!

It is always fun to throw a party...but even more fun when it involves pretty tea sets, and yummy desserts. I am part of a group of ladies that meet every two weeks with pre-teen girls to learn about life, and hopefully guide them forward.
The week previous to this found me glueing away with as much dollar store stuff as about streamer flowers with a pretty pink center...and trees spray painted and then decorated with little bits of pink? PERFECT.
Our"mom and me" night was festive with pretty tea sets ( one mommy had complete sets from all over the world and graciously let us use them!!). We had a hat making room -the "Le Petit Hat Boutique" where they decorated their hats with ribbons, and flowers and pictures of things they love. SUCH FUN FRIPPERIES were glued by all!

The evening was so fun with pink lemonade drunk from fancy tea cups, little pb&j sanwiches and crudites of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Then onto the dessert table.

It was a sight to behold....

There were the chocolate strawberries, and pink lemonade cookies and yes, petit fours.

The girls enjoyed modeling their creations while I read fun things their mothers had written about them and something they loved about their mothers. I mostly enjoyed my time with my youngest girly girl....EMMA.

(That would be her with her cheeks full of grapes.....we will have to work on that.....!)