Monday, May 30, 2011

Shoe RE-DO

Hello, me again. Been shopping at Target and found these lovely mustard yellow shoes. Got to thinking that they would be cute if they had embellishment...don't you think?
So I hunted for some mustard yellow Lots of black and brown and even rust colors out there. Until I began looking at recycled leather....

and found a couple of left handed gloves missing a partner...PERFECT! I cut out a pattern and traced it on the back of the glove lightly so it wouldn't show after being cut up...

I also cut off the cuff seam and rolled it and glued the end with "FABRIC TAC" glue. ( wonder stuff I tell you!). I noticed the flower petals were a little frayed so I rubbed a bit if the glue on each outside petal. I then cut a circle that fit the rolled middle and put a bit of glue inside that and tacked them all together. I positioned them on the shoe and put "glue" on both the flower and the shoe.

Cute huh? Maybe I need a new mustard yellow ensemble??? Ha.


  1. Stacey looks beautiful! I haven't seen her in too long! And darling shoes. I noticed that Alicia had a mustard post herself...! (this is my new mission-to keep track of you two and your similarities!)

  2. I'll bet I have a pair of right-handed gloves now--but the shoes are really cute,