Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cut and Paste (sort of)

I really wanted to find a denim skirt for the Rodeo....I looked at all my favorite boutiques...(Ross, TJ Maxx and Target!) And then I found one at Ross but it was a bit too small...see that tag? But I figured that I could fix that if I found two of the same. And voile' was my lucky day. Two skirts for 4.49 a piece....if I goofed it up, it wouldn't be too much the worse right?

So this is the whacking away at it plan..... Cut down the middle and take out 2 inches on each side of cut. I then cut the bands off the other skirt and layered them down the center of the cut, backing it with a piece of black fabric.

I sewed them down with a zigzag stitch bumping them up seam to seam. (This would keep the bulk down and maintain the same lined pattern....

I sewed the remainder of the bands together and then attached them
by sewing right on top of the seam of the above band. I covered any stray white showing through with a touch of permanent marker.

So, I was pretty satisfied with the result...can't beat a 9 buck skirt for a RODEO...did you see those pink boots?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just in case....

Yeah, so ALL of my creative juices have been sucked right outta me the last few weeks. I am getting ready for girls camp. Somehow I am in charge of the crafts....that one fits really well, but being in charge of the FOOD...well that is another ship to sail.

Making menus and planning stuff is just not in my DNA. Even my mother says she doesn't like to make lists because what if she wakes up and wants to do something else that day!!! LOVE THAT!!

SOOOO, I thought I needed to put something here new so you would keep coming to visit...all those of you that come and peek without a comment, and those that follow sweet 10 you!!!

I am in the middle of a painting for my oldest boy. He was a lover of space from the day he could point. He has the coolest blog entry about the latest and last shuttle mission...check his blog Anyway, I am pretty happy with the way it is going so far so I will give you a peek. So, you can see something new....Here is the beginning of the work...lots of pencil work and then a liquid mask that goes over the white or lightest works like rubber cement. It saves the whites so I can uncover them later and paint them like I want!!Then I paint a warm pink over the whole sky and some in the lower water ....after that I begin to layer the blues and purples that I want to be the underlayer of sky and clouds. I also drop some water right on the cloud areas so they will blossom on purpose and look like clouds. The warm colors also go in behind the white-hot shaft to look like the hot spots . So, now I am off to camp and crafting and cooking...whew. I am worn out before I even get started. So stay tuned....there is more to come. Always more to come...and I have decided what my new mantra is that I saw today.

Create something beautiful today even though no one might care. Isn't that cool?