Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late night painting

Husband is out of town..."Rizzoli and Isles" my new fav tv show is on and I decided to work on my shuttle painting. The steam clouds went in pretty well, the water on the other hand was a puzzle as always and then all of the sudden turns into water...voile'. LOVE THAT!!

So the first picture is with the maskoid on still and the second one is with it removed.

Now comes more details and magifying glass to get the little stuff just right as it needs to be.

Maybe there will be more pillowing later.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Further Pillowing

So, that IKEA project turned into a 10 day ordeal...could be that when I put the drawer hardware in BACKWARDS, coulda slowed me down a bit. But I am proud to say that it is done and now I hate to put anything in it. Don't wanna junk it up...but I am sure I will. I have lots of thingys to put in it....I just have to pick the BEST ones to make it home.
BUt I did get in some pillow time...and not the shut eye kind-( that is dictated by the wonderful world of MENOPAUSE....). ANYWAY!!! This is my newest one. I printed out the capital S that I wanted and cut out the letter with an exacto knife and then laid it on the fabric with a little spray adhesive. I then took a foam brush and pounced it onto the area leaving a few lighter spots.
I then finished it with black piping that I made myself. I am happy with the result and have one more pillow I want to make. STAY TUNED!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recipe for coconut cake

Here's the recipe for my coconut cake as some has asked for it...
Bake 2 white cake mixes and add 1 t. of coconut extract to the batter. Divide it among 3 round cake pans. It will rise a lot but you need full layers and will trim it off. Be sure and grease and line the pans with wax paper.
After baking, cool and then release the cakes...then wrap and freeze the 3 layers.
meanwhile, buy 3 of the tall white fluffy frosting and 1 large coolwhip. You will also need a bag of coconut.
Mix a cup of coconut, all the coolwhip and at least 2 of the tall white fluffy frosting containers together. Take out cakes and spread a bit on your pedestal and then put first layer on. Spread a generous amount ontop and then repeat until all layers are on. You might need to mix in the additional frosting if you like lots... Spread on remaining frosting on entire cake and then I took the larger flake coconut and pressed it onto sides and top. Decorate with fruit. Refridgerate all leftovers if there are any....ha!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Under Construction....

Just like the header states....I am under construction. My studio that is...I decided I need a new place to store MORE FABRIC and supplies so I shopped around and saw some pricey cuboards and then decided on IKEA.and since my two college girls were home I could entreat them to help me unload the sucker. (IT WAS A KILLER!) We unloaded one day and called it quits. SO all week I have been

following the little IKEA men in the instruction booklet and it is close to done...but pillow making? For some reason it hasn't worked out this week. Maybe the next is my plan.

I am also working on my shuttle watercolor and a hundred other projects that take up too much space in my head.

SO, enjoy my new header and thanks for stopping by...I will post pictures when it is all put back together and Belle has another nap.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Dog Days of summer.....

Yup, it's here. Those long summer days that start cool and beautiful and evaporate into hot, sultry (yeah, in UTAH...). So, it calls for a fun project. A "won't take all day with many brain cells " project. And so far it is morphing s l o w l hang on-there is more to come....

oh, and my sweet peas have been so plentiful this year. I have to pick them in two bunches...wonderful....too bad you can't smell em...

This one was great fun. I cut out an antique bicycle on my Cricuit onto freezer paper- then I ironed it onto the fabric and taped off the border. I then stamped with acrylic paint and carefully lifted the stencil off. VOILE'. Stay tuned for pillow #2....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bandana bracelets...oh, my!

It all started with activity day. We needed a easy, cheap, FUN project on a hot Friday afternoon. All they really need is to be together so they can giggle and chat. So we made friendship bracelets. All it took was a few scraps of fabric and some tutorials on braiding and off they went....

And later I decided that scraps of bandanas would be a cute alternative....