Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recipe for coconut cake

Here's the recipe for my coconut cake as some has asked for it...
Bake 2 white cake mixes and add 1 t. of coconut extract to the batter. Divide it among 3 round cake pans. It will rise a lot but you need full layers and will trim it off. Be sure and grease and line the pans with wax paper.
After baking, cool and then release the cakes...then wrap and freeze the 3 layers.
meanwhile, buy 3 of the tall white fluffy frosting and 1 large coolwhip. You will also need a bag of coconut.
Mix a cup of coconut, all the coolwhip and at least 2 of the tall white fluffy frosting containers together. Take out cakes and spread a bit on your pedestal and then put first layer on. Spread a generous amount ontop and then repeat until all layers are on. You might need to mix in the additional frosting if you like lots... Spread on remaining frosting on entire cake and then I took the larger flake coconut and pressed it onto sides and top. Decorate with fruit. Refridgerate all leftovers if there are any....ha!

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