Sunday, August 28, 2011

Further Pillowing

So, that IKEA project turned into a 10 day ordeal...could be that when I put the drawer hardware in BACKWARDS, coulda slowed me down a bit. But I am proud to say that it is done and now I hate to put anything in it. Don't wanna junk it up...but I am sure I will. I have lots of thingys to put in it....I just have to pick the BEST ones to make it home.
BUt I did get in some pillow time...and not the shut eye kind-( that is dictated by the wonderful world of MENOPAUSE....). ANYWAY!!! This is my newest one. I printed out the capital S that I wanted and cut out the letter with an exacto knife and then laid it on the fabric with a little spray adhesive. I then took a foam brush and pounced it onto the area leaving a few lighter spots.
I then finished it with black piping that I made myself. I am happy with the result and have one more pillow I want to make. STAY TUNED!!

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