Sunday, August 21, 2011

Under Construction....

Just like the header states....I am under construction. My studio that is...I decided I need a new place to store MORE FABRIC and supplies so I shopped around and saw some pricey cuboards and then decided on IKEA.and since my two college girls were home I could entreat them to help me unload the sucker. (IT WAS A KILLER!) We unloaded one day and called it quits. SO all week I have been

following the little IKEA men in the instruction booklet and it is close to done...but pillow making? For some reason it hasn't worked out this week. Maybe the next is my plan.

I am also working on my shuttle watercolor and a hundred other projects that take up too much space in my head.

SO, enjoy my new header and thanks for stopping by...I will post pictures when it is all put back together and Belle has another nap.

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