Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Flowering

More flowers here.  Tried the version that I had made a few years back that was previewed on Marthas show by a woman that uses the flat version of coffee filters.  Anyway, I pushed it a bit beyond her basic directions and was really pleased.

The others are for a woman's meeting this Tuesday for the table decorations.  I will be very happy when my REAL roses start blooming.  They are really not as much work!

Let her EAT CAKE...Oh, yes.

There are really few desserts that I love more than Coconut cake.  My grandma Mamie used to make a refrigerated kind that had whipped cream frosting and after a few days, it was heaven.
But the kind I like has mucho calories and right now those are not allowed in my house.  So, I came upon a recipe with 7-up and so I thought I would give it a go.  Here is my attempt.  It is easy peasy and REALLY quite good.
Start with a white cake mix.  Any brand will do.  Mix it with a can of diet 7-up or Sprite or lemon-lime.  That's it.  REALLY.  Oh, and I dropped in a couple of drops of coconut extract in the batter.   Line your pan with PAM and then with wax paper.
 ( Bake in two small rounds or one oblong cake pan. If you do the oblong, you cut it in two for two layers....)  You will want it to release.  Bake until slightly brown on top.  Follow box directions for temp and time.
Release after it's cooled and store in fridge for a couple of hours.  This cake  is very tender and  will fall apart if handled very much.  Be very careful transporting it from the pan.
Now take a cup of light whipped topping and mix with 1/2 cup shredded coconut.  Spread on middle layer .
Then take remaining cool whip and spread on whole cake.  I used the entire small container of cool whip.

Now take 1/2 cup of coconut and press onto top and sides.  Refrigerate.  I stored mine in a tupperware container and it was good for a week.  I figure it is about 4 ppts per piece. For this small version, I divided it into 5 slices. ( I had made cupcakes also. 8.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Filter Flowers

There is paint everywhere.  I have two tables in my studio and they are both covered with painted coffee filters in various colors and such.  I think making these flowers was a but more fun than I am supposed to have.  Especially when I have commissions to work on and laundry piling up.

Nevertheless. I like that word. It sounds daring and cheeky.  (Another word I LOVE-especially because my little redheaded girl loved using it...and it described her exactly!)  Anyway, I digress...that is a word that describes me...I digress from things I am SUPPOSED to be doing.  Like laundry and commissions.  BAH.

But I decided that I needed to make these flowers-for someone to receive that might need them not to wilt and die and have to be thrown out.  Hope so.

And these colors reminded me that I love, absolutely love ROSES.  And I am trying to patiently wait until we can put in our new rose bed in the corner of my yard.  In WA I had over 55 rose bushes and I miss them.  So what can a gardener do put plant them again?

So I followed a tut that had me roll them onto tape but soon I found my cooler melt glue gun to work faster and better and I could fold and roll and gather pretty darn fast.

I also went to DI and got a really ugly vase and repainted it.  AND I forgot to take a before pic...but believe me, it was a real UGLY brown and orange thingy.  Yes, a bit of green glass paint and antique and spray and it can be  used.  GREAT DEAL VASE..2 bucks.

SO, I am ready to mail them off and I am somewhat pleased how they came out.  I hope they  will convey the spirit of hope and beauty that is  intended.  tutorial on coffee filter flowers here,  This girl is a real hoot to read....just sayin.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scarf Forger

Pinned this very cute scarf the other day....and thought.  Hmmm, I can do that.
So after purchasing a flat sheet from IKEA, I began.  The marker method with alcohol turned out VERY onto plan B.

 This time I used acrylic paint and just tried to stay random but switched the pattern around each blue flower and off the edge occasionally.
Then I started adding the red splotches and mixing in  a bit of purple.  You see my mixtures up there?
I diluted with a bit of alcohol and water....and mixed the paint right on the fabric.

The red really was fun and just makes the thing pop!  Oh, I think yes.  I let it dry well and then ironed it...this is supposed to set the paint, but have you ever tried washing out acrylic paint?'s a nightmare..

Then I sewed across the hem about an inch above the cut edge and pulled out the threads to form a fringe.

Fold over a scant quarter inch hem and iron, then fold again to make a narrow hem.  IRON.

And then wrap it around your wire friend and admire.....