Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scarf Forger

Pinned this very cute scarf the other day....and thought.  Hmmm, I can do that.
So after purchasing a flat sheet from IKEA, I began.  The marker method with alcohol turned out VERY onto plan B.

 This time I used acrylic paint and just tried to stay random but switched the pattern around each blue flower and off the edge occasionally.
Then I started adding the red splotches and mixing in  a bit of purple.  You see my mixtures up there?
I diluted with a bit of alcohol and water....and mixed the paint right on the fabric.

The red really was fun and just makes the thing pop!  Oh, I think yes.  I let it dry well and then ironed it...this is supposed to set the paint, but have you ever tried washing out acrylic paint?'s a nightmare..

Then I sewed across the hem about an inch above the cut edge and pulled out the threads to form a fringe.

Fold over a scant quarter inch hem and iron, then fold again to make a narrow hem.  IRON.

And then wrap it around your wire friend and admire.....

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