Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Bunnies here

I have been on the bunny hunt for awhile now.  I have a thing about Rabbits- I do not know why.  I just like em.
Then I saw this Pedestal in a  Pottery Barn catalog....oh, my goodness...A PEDESTAL and A RABBIT???

So I was on the hunt.
Found this little guy...
Sanded his head so I could glue a platter on top.  Looks a bit painful.  But he actually kept right on scratching his ear...

I glued the bunny and platter together with a good epoxy and then spray painted the base.
The top piece got a couple of coats too and both got a shiny topcoat.

Then I hunted all over for a cute bunny for the top and found this cute bumpy one in Tai Pan.  I forgot to snap a photo of it whilst it was still green. 

here it has been moved to my springy spot...

 they seem to fit right in....welcome to the family.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alcohol involved---ISOPROPYL 70%...that is!

For any of you Martha fans out there...and for the haters too-PURPLE was the word of the day.  She had a "Purple Show" with her contributor, Darcy Miller.  Who by the way, I think is a real genius.  As long as she has the big bucks to play with and the resources of NY city...she is fabulous.  She had done a purple party for her little girl Pippa.  It was amazing!

And I love that she has Martha's number!  On the show she had those big long PIXIE sticks and Martha didn't know what they were!  Marcy got a real chuckle out of that and muttered under her breath that she couldn't believe that she found out something that Martha didn't know.

Later on the show she had a craft segment and it was also based on purple stuff.  Such a fun idea and EASY.
It involves SHARPEE markers and good ole rubbing alcohol.
Of course, my artsy mind started running and decided to do a bit of experimenting on my own this weekend.
I had the help of my darling niece's daughter, Livi.  Here she is in her sweet Halloween costume.

 So she and I started drawing with the markers and her shirt turned out darling and silly me, I forgot to get a pic.  But I did cut up a cotton t-shirt and experimented with different combinations.  The colors are vibrant and beautiful and every blossom a bit let them dry and then set with the heat of your iron.

I plan to make another section and sew it to the first and make a scarf....such fun and I have a few other ideas I am mulling around in my head.  More fun to come....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Inches of New Snow for MARCH....

Cold wintery weather inspires me.  Yeah, I am so inspired I  just lay down on the couch and zzzzzzzzz the whole winter away. But somewhere along the way, I remembered that last summer I promised myself I would clean closets this winter (when I couldn't garden...) and finish covering this chair.  SOOOO, rather than open the closet doors in this place I opted to get busy on this chair.
I have been buying clearance napkins and yardage for a few years now and then started the piecing last winter.
I really do love recovering furniture.  It is a puzzle that you take apart and then put back together.
Debra and Dad had done the previous cover for me and I loved it in my blue and yellow bedroom, but we moved and it aged.  But as I was pulling it apart, I couldn't help but remember how I sat in the night and nursed my last baby.  Good memories.
BUT onto the puzzle.

I was really hoping to rip it apart and find a gold piece or 100 dollar bill inside...but no...just lint, and dirt.

 Here is makings of my backache......and see that scrap of yellow and blue on the floor...that is the BEFORE fabric.
I really did have a great time piecing the fabric for this chair.  and I love the fact that it is done.  Now onto the closets.  BLEHHHHH.