Friday, April 29, 2011

Snowflakes and Flowers

So it is the end of April...and it uh was SNOWING TODAY. I've about had it with "whimpy spring" and "Mr. Strong winter". My poor tulips are swaying in the 32' weather...

I decided to come inside and put my hoe and gloves aside and do fun stuff. ANd try to remember that the fun outside will come one of these days.

I am not ashamed to say that I love my Living Magazine. When it comes, I just get a little thrill. I know that the pages are fresh and new and smell good. I know there will be glossy photographs of food I would rarely try. But I also know that reading it gives my creative juices a jump and my mind gets to going...LOVE THAT.

So when I saw this months issue with the poppies on it...I was THRILLED. I LOVE poppies! Okay, there is really no flower out there that I DON'T love. But right now, I love poppies.

Off I went to get some red silk so I could make one...

and I wore it on Easter Sunday. I don't really care if it is as big as a salad plate....I am so over being cool. I wore it because I think it is really pretty.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Boy, isn't that a creative title for a creative blog? Bah, I guess too many little chocolate eggs can do that to a girl...rats for being on ww during the most wonderful chocolate time of the year.

So this is what I saw when I looked out towards the north this morning. LOVE IT....reminds me of home. Wish I could scramble over the fence and throw a rope over one and hop aboard. Oh yeah, back to the roll dough...

But here are a couple of yummies I made yesterday. Homemade marshmellows with milk chocolate covering. If you have never experienced homemade are REALLY missing out. It is so good and so easy. (if y0u are wondering, I pressed a plastic rabbit into flour to make the mold and then pour the marshmellow stuff right in...let it set and voile'! And your flour is put back in the flour bin-cool huh?)

Then of course, we rushed to church and I taught my little hoodlums in Primary and gave them white chocolate covered poptarts (shaped like an egg and topped with m&m's- remember my stupit oven is still under the weather.) I was pleasantly surprised how well my crock pot did my ham.

So, it was a fun day with my girls. Wish the other 4 coulda been here.... a mother can always hope right???

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rabbit's everywhere

I love bunnies. Rabbits, whatever you wanna call them. I love their buggy eyes,and funny noses... and this is from someone that raised rabbits when I was a kid. Yup, we bundled up and went out to their clutch to feed them early before school. We got excited when we saw momma bunny pulling fur to make a nest. That meant babies were coming! ANYWAY, I digress.....

So here is my latest bunny. It is a clip art image that I cut out and mounted on a few

antique book pages and then on a canvas. I shredded some pages for a nest and adorned it with a few paper rosettes. A black bow finishes his ensemble!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carrots anyone?

Went to Tai Pan's ladies night out. Free punch and cookies....and lots of fun spring stuff. Saw some very cute carrots they wanted 5 bucks a piece. I am way too tight for that so I came home and pulled some pages from my DI book and made some myself. Not much for nutrition but pretty good stuff for the creative soul....