Sunday, April 24, 2011


Boy, isn't that a creative title for a creative blog? Bah, I guess too many little chocolate eggs can do that to a girl...rats for being on ww during the most wonderful chocolate time of the year.

So this is what I saw when I looked out towards the north this morning. LOVE IT....reminds me of home. Wish I could scramble over the fence and throw a rope over one and hop aboard. Oh yeah, back to the roll dough...

But here are a couple of yummies I made yesterday. Homemade marshmellows with milk chocolate covering. If you have never experienced homemade are REALLY missing out. It is so good and so easy. (if y0u are wondering, I pressed a plastic rabbit into flour to make the mold and then pour the marshmellow stuff right in...let it set and voile'! And your flour is put back in the flour bin-cool huh?)

Then of course, we rushed to church and I taught my little hoodlums in Primary and gave them white chocolate covered poptarts (shaped like an egg and topped with m&m's- remember my stupit oven is still under the weather.) I was pleasantly surprised how well my crock pot did my ham.

So, it was a fun day with my girls. Wish the other 4 coulda been here.... a mother can always hope right???

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