Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rabbit's everywhere

I love bunnies. Rabbits, whatever you wanna call them. I love their buggy eyes,and funny noses... and this is from someone that raised rabbits when I was a kid. Yup, we bundled up and went out to their clutch to feed them early before school. We got excited when we saw momma bunny pulling fur to make a nest. That meant babies were coming! ANYWAY, I digress.....

So here is my latest bunny. It is a clip art image that I cut out and mounted on a few

antique book pages and then on a canvas. I shredded some pages for a nest and adorned it with a few paper rosettes. A black bow finishes his ensemble!


  1. So creative! I wish I could think crafty things like that. I am only able to copy other people's good ideas! Good thing there are people like you out there, for me to copy!

  2. In. Love. With. Your. Blog. What awesome ideas! Keep creating and posting.