Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cut and Paste (sort of)

I really wanted to find a denim skirt for the Rodeo....I looked at all my favorite boutiques...(Ross, TJ Maxx and Target!) And then I found one at Ross but it was a bit too small...see that tag? But I figured that I could fix that if I found two of the same. And voile' was my lucky day. Two skirts for 4.49 a piece....if I goofed it up, it wouldn't be too much the worse right?

So this is the whacking away at it plan..... Cut down the middle and take out 2 inches on each side of cut. I then cut the bands off the other skirt and layered them down the center of the cut, backing it with a piece of black fabric.

I sewed them down with a zigzag stitch bumping them up seam to seam. (This would keep the bulk down and maintain the same lined pattern....

I sewed the remainder of the bands together and then attached them
by sewing right on top of the seam of the above band. I covered any stray white showing through with a touch of permanent marker.

So, I was pretty satisfied with the result...can't beat a 9 buck skirt for a RODEO...did you see those pink boots?

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  1. That is darling! Don't let Grandpa see those (adorable) pink boots! He will probably hang them from the garage door or something!