Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pinky up, mad hatter party!

It is always fun to throw a party...but even more fun when it involves pretty tea sets, and yummy desserts. I am part of a group of ladies that meet every two weeks with pre-teen girls to learn about life, and hopefully guide them forward.
The week previous to this found me glueing away with as much dollar store stuff as about streamer flowers with a pretty pink center...and trees spray painted and then decorated with little bits of pink? PERFECT.
Our"mom and me" night was festive with pretty tea sets ( one mommy had complete sets from all over the world and graciously let us use them!!). We had a hat making room -the "Le Petit Hat Boutique" where they decorated their hats with ribbons, and flowers and pictures of things they love. SUCH FUN FRIPPERIES were glued by all!

The evening was so fun with pink lemonade drunk from fancy tea cups, little pb&j sanwiches and crudites of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Then onto the dessert table.

It was a sight to behold....

There were the chocolate strawberries, and pink lemonade cookies and yes, petit fours.

The girls enjoyed modeling their creations while I read fun things their mothers had written about them and something they loved about their mothers. I mostly enjoyed my time with my youngest girly girl....EMMA.

(That would be her with her cheeks full of grapes.....we will have to work on that.....!)

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  1. What a darling night! I have to learn how to make petit fors (sp?). AND I am in love and amazed by the fact that you and Alicia both used the word fripperies in your posts! Definately adding that to my vocabulary!