Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok, I know you are out there. Those of you that have those cravings....those dark, deep, crispy around the edge, rich, nutty, semi sweet chunk, COOKIE cravings.

When that dark chocolate craving hits are helpless. You are desperate. You are weak. You scrounge through your pantry for the dark stuff. THE DEEP DARK STUFF.....chocolate that is.

You know that there are NO deep choco lovers in your house and STILL you can't shake off the cookie goblins. THOSE dark spirits that entice you to make cookies that you SHOULDN'T make cuz if you will wanna eat them-ALL.

But just your luck, you scrounge and find...walnuts, semi-sweet bakers chocolate, l cube of butter, and 2 eggs-oh dear....all the essentials to these babies. But it is "cookie" day at the neighbors and you wanna take some and couldn't show up with just ANY cookie....ah. DARK MADNESS.

And if you are interested in a recipe....It is Martha's. Ah yes, dark madness.
Oh, and milk...ah, yes, you will need MILK!

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