Sunday, January 2, 2011

and all that....

Here are my Christmas Fairies 2010....Such fun and each one a little different....I sold all but a couple at my show....Here is my best find of the day...I needed a stand to put my pedestal thingy on....went to DI and found this mushroomy thing and spray painted it and voile'..

.My newest painting that was finished with only hours before the show...One thing I really love about the Christmas season is all the "stuff" out there....I don't mean present stuff, I mean all the doins for crafting and decorating and such. Too bad I don't have time for all of the ideas that I have. And oh, the money to craft all the ideas. BAH on that. But what I do have is the ability to wake up at 4 and not be able to get back to sleep. TOO MANY THINGS TO DO.... so I sneak down to my studio and plug in the ole glue gun...(don't tell but that is a lie, because I have my glue gun plugged in ALL the time!)The medallions here and on the tree were great fun especially after I broke down and bought a scoring plate.

Anyway, I have a great time decorating and decided that beings grand daughter Ella was coming this year, I would pull out the stops and put up multiple trees. I think I topped out at 7 or so. Only 2 were full size, and the rest were short and sweet or skinny and fun. What a lot of work. And on top of that....I had an art show and sale. Just call me crazy....

The only thing sad about Christmas is that it is all done and over and the coming down is


  1. Oh, the fairies! They are even CUTER and more magical than I thought! I Loooooove their hair. May you please make me a grown-up sized wig in that auburn color? Yes please.

    Also love the temple painting. How have I not seen that one yet?? :)

  2. Hi, Alane, Those Christmas fairies are so cute. The 2nd one looks kind of like she's yawning and "above it all". And you gotta love a fairy who mixes it up with green polka dots :). How fun you must have had with all of your trees. The white one's branches almost look like coral. Hugs, Kim