Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A RED Day in the January.

One of the only redeeming things about January is that February is coming.  And the fact that I love red and paper stuff and all that.  So whilst pondering Pinterest the other day I spotted this ...Pinned Image
Love it.  Want it, but more so, want to MAKE rather than work on stuff I should be working on, I pulled out my supplies (I didn't buy a thing, nosiree...) and started.
Easy, peasy.
Just get some of this.
and iron your fabric (cotton blend, canvas,muslin, any ole thing)
onto it.
Then cut it the size of a piece of printer paper and run 
through your printer.
Of course, you have to spend some time making up your own tattered Parisian envelope.
Using lots of different stamps, you already had and ahem, different fonts, and fun Parisian stamps off the internet.
Oh yes, and run it right through your laser printer, because your silly ink jet is outta ink.
Then make a red pillow and
heat and bond that cute thing right to that pillow.

SO FUN. oh, and the next one is on whiter fabric that looks a bit more like the PB one.  That one is next.  This one is for my etsy shop.  

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