Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Fourth Stuff

I wanted to make a pallet flag like the ones I had seen on Pinterest...but I couldn't find a pallet so I opted and bought these plain pine planks at Home Depot for about 11 bucks.  And with the number of planks in the bunch, I was able to make two... one for me and one for  my daughters eventual apartment.
You have to pick through them and find the less crooked ones...
I painted them with red and white stripes
 I glued them down on 3 vertical planks that I had spaced an inch apart

I painted the star field a sky blue
I stenciled on the stars and then painted a brown antique over all and quickly wiped it off.
I fit in real nice with the whole scene....

1 comment:

  1. I never come across pallets either, so my plan has always been to buy cedar boards (more because of our climate than anything else) and make a large flag for the area between our two front windows.

    I actually had the boards in hand (and at home), but at some point they were used for another project. Sigh. I need to buy some more and do my project.

    Your flag looks very nice. :-)