Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random things of summer

Here is a shout out to all my faithful followers...(which might only  be my golden ret. Belle...she is a REAL follower!) AHEM, I have been oh so busy with all kinds of summer stuff.  I did lots of fun things for my family reunion that was fabulous fun for a crafter/artsy type like me.  I certainly did go over the top with a few things, but I do not apologize for that.  IT IS THE WAY I LIVE...and I like it.

I did a painting that I have had in my head for years of my family farm that I grew up on until I was 16.  It was so much fun that I hated to be finished with it...there were so many fun memories. I made prints for all of my siblings and parents.

For the  party decorations I made cowboy boots out of scrapbook paper and they were a hoot to make  I was thrilled to find so many papers that I already had to use and only had to go to Michaels once for a couple of different ones.  Each pair got more outrageous and wacky!  I found a shoe pattern online and just added the tops.  There were a pair or two that I woulda liked to wear myself.

But then I had in my head that I needed to do some drawer cleaning.  And that "cookie" added on the idea that I wanted a ring holder.  Probably could have bought one a lot cheaper than the time it took.  BUT THAT IS NOT MY WAY!!
Anyway, I found an old card box that I decided to use.  Got some velvet velour from the WALL and got busy.
I took little strips of cardboard and glued a pencil on top.  YES, a perfectly good pencil.  With 6 kids that have been through school, I have a few used ones around!!  I cut them to fit the section and then hot glued them only took a few days. I then covered that box with a polka dot tafetta and put trim on the edges.  AHHHH.  It seemed to take forever, but I put in "My Fair Lady" and my girls came downstairs and we all crafted together.
I wonder if they know how much fun that is for their mom.  Poor dad sits upstairs with his sports TV when he could be gluing stuff and singing along with "Just you Wait!".

So here is my completed project.  I can see at a glance that I have lots of rings and when I am dressing, I can select without rifling through that drawer...ah yes.  And I think there is still plenty of room for more!

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  1. I loved those cowboy boots at the reunion! They turned out so cute! And the ring holder is such a fun idea-nicely done!