Thursday, May 16, 2013

Studio stuff on hand and being a paper shoe cobbler.

The beauty of having lots of stuff in my studio is that I can have many projects going at once....or is that just me with adult ADHD?  Bad part is never finishing all of them...but that is because I have to come upstairs and cook and clean and yes even sleep.
LATEST OBSSESSION????  These paper shoes...
I saw the pattern and tut on Pinterest and so I went there and began gathering and gluing and soon became addicted...and so far?  The only thing I have bought is 72 cents worth of black tulle.  HA!

Okay, so are they not so FUN???  And  they look super cute stuffed with kisses and  tied up with more RIBBON...
oh, and when you have a ribbon, doo-dads, and tulle and cute papers, and ENDLESS FABRIC..well
you must 

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  1. Just found you, Alane!

    Love these! And I love your blog! You are creative! Can't wait to read more and scroll through the archives!

    Much love.