Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never EVER land

I have always loved dolls.  I asked for a baby doll every Christmas until I was 13.  I played with Barbies and Skipper, Little Kiddles and troll dolls.  I have made lots of doll clothes for my girls and look forward to making them for my grand daughters.
When I make a new doll, I can hardly wait until I start another.  I get a kick out of making little clothes and hair dos and little purses, and shoes oh my.  Well, here is my latest one and I am dreaming up another and calling them the "Penny For your Thoughts" dolls.  Each comes with a tag that says,"A penny for your Thoughts" because they still matter to me.  A sweet way to say hello to a friend far away or across the street.
Because, a penny doesn't hold up much in the world these days, but for a thought?  It still hold lots of meaning...

So the title of this post says it all.  I don't ever want to be too grown up for dolls.  Not EVER.


  1. So cute and what a darling idea - you amaze me!

  2. She is SO cute...what a wonderful gift idea! You are so talented :)