Thursday, July 17, 2014

Newest mess with cement

I ran out of summer last year before I got  to making cement mushrooms.  And now I have made such a mess and with all events of summer upon me, I am hoping to get it cleaned up before fall hits.

I did lots of reading about different recipes but finally decided on a couple of ideas.  When you add other ingredients to the mix, it lightens the mix but makes it rougher.  So, I decided on an addition of Vermiculite and playground sand.  And Portland Cement.

I assembled my materials and molds....odd bowls and light covers.  Oh, and sticks of various lengths.
I drilled a hold in the end of each and inserted 10 cent long nails into them and pounded them in.

(these will be the part that sticks into the ground)..

 Mix up the 3 parts of stuff.  I did a cup of verm...and a cup of sand and then 2 cups of quickrete...and added enough water to make mud.  Pudding mud.    This is not rocket
science... ALSO very important...spray the bowls, molds etc with PAM...that's right.  Spray oil...makes them come right out of the mold.  SOOOO Cool.

Then I waited a couple of days and unmolded them!!  FUN PART!!

Then I had to wait a bit to get to paint them.  Polka dots and etc...such fun!!

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  1. Beautiful !!! I would love to know what type of paint you used on the mushrooms ! Thanks you!