Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sneaking a stroke here and there....

All summer I have had a painting working in my head.
After all the float stuff cleared out, there was finally room in the working space....
and the working space is in my head.
Has to all be worked out there before the pencil work even begins.
Especially when the medium is watercolor, there has to be a plan.

But it is addictive when I get it started. I don't want to do anything else...
I suspect that is what passion for something is all about?
(of course, who wouldn't want out of dishes, laundry and housework in general?)

Once I get going with the paint and water right on the paper, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and then I HATE,HATE, it. Why? Because it is the excellence endeavor inside of me, that wants it to match up to the painting in my head....
This is the "So FAR" work....I will keep you posted....


  1. Beautiful! I thought this was a picture of actual flowers, can't wait to see what else you have in store for it...

  2. Oh my LORD, your painting is wonderful!! You've got some serious chops with watercolor, which intimidates me no end. This is a beautiful start. I hear you on the contrast between the idea and the execution. But, keep on painting, it's obvious you love it so!

  3. It is oh, so beautiful! I paint acrylic and canvas mostly... I sitll can't control watercolor as well as I would like. I know what you mean about the picture in your head too :)

  4. Have you snuck anymore brushstrokes on this lately?

  5. Any tips for someone who would love to get started in watercolor? I've always dreamed of painting like that but just don't have a clue how to get started. Books? Links? Personal tips?

    Absolutely gorgeous.