Thursday, June 9, 2011

True Colors

I have garden dirt under my nails. Lots of it. Even though I wear gloves, it gets under there. Dirty, dirt. Don says that "dirt is SOIL out of place"....he is a soil guy after all. He knows his DIRT....
Anyway, I decided I would take a break from nature and work on my front door wreath.
I made some rosettes from paper that I ALREADY HAD...and the embellished with fabric roses, and paper rosettes. I added a little metal star with hot glue.

I ran some old book pages through my printer with patriotic words strips and ruffled them through the wreath.

I stood back and looked it over. Somehow those colors are just so terrific together and I never tire of them. They make me feel proud.

Now back to the garden and the dirt...uh, hopefully soon to be soil...

1 comment:

  1. What a cute wreath! LOVE it. Now will you please come and make me one too!? :)