Monday, September 5, 2011

Finished....(that feels very good!)

It feels pretty great to be done with Steven's painting. I have decided that other than the fact that I do LOVE to feels very good to go from beginning of idea to end. Not that I like all the stages in betweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen....I heard one of my favorite artists say this about it....

"the start and the end are very exciting but all that is in between is just hard work..." Al Rounds.

And of course there are places that I wasn't thrilled with but that is always true when I paint. The idea in my head never quite matches up with the result. But that is the angst that is painting.

Anyway, it is done and it is being scanned now and put on cd so I can tinker with some things and then we are going to do my first giclee'. I will probably do a limited series of signed prints. Wahoo for being onto more pillowing and yes a couple of other comissions I am behind on...hummmmm.


  1. That painting is amazing. And I may have to steal it from Steven's house... Think he'd notice?? :)

  2. Put me down on the list to buy a copy ~ aren't I always first in line ~ teehee. Love ya!~Jan