Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Shelving

oI really shouldn't go into DI on a regular ole day. I shouldn't go into the yard area either. There are all kinds of wonders out there....yessiree. All kinds of thingys that need some tender loving care and a good coat of paint. And for some reason this hutch hopped into my basket.

Not really, I just wanted to say that. But I couldn't pass up the deal and so yes, it came home with me.

And then as I was priming, I realized I had covered up the pretty (ghastly) flower motif that was on the front....oops. You will just have to use your imagination. It was quaint but really ugly.

Paint over that...first on the list.

Then I went out to paint the background and searched high and low for it. Hmmm. Hubby hauled a big ole bunch of cardboard stuff to the trash last week....could it be? YUP....the background piece was gone. Oh, well, that cull section in HD had a piece that was perfect.

Now onto the painting part. I had seen a stencil of Martha's and fell in love. I emailed Miss Tatertots and Jello and asked her where to get it. I rushed to Michaels and sure enough every other crafter in UT had been there before me. BAH.

But a little trip out to Michaels with new grandbaby and momma in tow, we scored! There was only one left and I snatched it pretty darn quick! I carefully put it in my suitcase and flew home.
SOOOO, back to the back----

I painted the board blue first and then realzied that was backwards-(note to self-painting at midnight is not always a great choice!) So I hauled out the KILZ and painted it white! THEN I painted the stencil. LOVE IT!!!

I nailed it on and had Neil help me lift it into place. The problem is with new and uncluttered don't wanna clutter them up. So I went a whole day with no cluttering.

Doesn't that look nice with NO CLUTTERING??? Well, you know it won't last. Never does.

I thought my snow babes looked nice there. For now. I figure there is new cluttering coming on.

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  1. Pretty!! And I get to come and see it (and more importantly you!) this weekend!