Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Subway pretend

I have enjoyed all the Subway art that I am seeing everywhere. (no it's not the sanwich variety...).
And I am slow to get around to doing one. SO I took some time today and cut some pages out of my DI book. I trimmed em down and fed them into my printer.

I have this window that I have used for various things and I thought it would be cute to paste them into the back....

then I cut out some leaf shapes and a coil from more pages and drapped them over the top.

I also crumpled them a bit to make them more leaf like.

Now I need to make a real Subway art with all of our addresses on it. We have had so many addresses that it's gunna take a while...stay tuned.


  1. That turned out so cool! I love it :)

  2. i really like this -what is DI? :-)

  3. Oh silly me....DI stands for Deseret Industries, a "Goodwill" type store. Thanks for the comment!