Monday, June 20, 2011


Saw a gardening project on studio five the other morning. So, I ditched my other pressing items (like laundry and other boring things) and went off to the DI. Found just what I was looking for and got it cheap for about 6 ish bucks. It was a lovely baby boy blue so I quickly found my trusty ivy spray paint and went to it....I almost forgot to take a pic of the "BEFORE"

you have to glimpse it there on the bottom rungs...I think the cuteness of this project was the matching wicker basket she had sprayed the same color as the chair. All I did was go shopping in my basement ....there is a plethera of stuff down there....just waiting for spray paint!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let them eat cake...

I never have to think very hard when it is spring and time for dessert -one of my favorites comes to mind when they ask us to bring something sweet. No matter the process is 2 days in the making. The result is just too good to whine about that.

My grandma used to make a whipped cream cocoanut cake that she refridgerated. So my modernized version always reminds me of her. It is always a popular addition to the table.


Oh and because it is flag day, I added the blueberries and raspberries...hooray for Flag Day!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

True Colors

I have garden dirt under my nails. Lots of it. Even though I wear gloves, it gets under there. Dirty, dirt. Don says that "dirt is SOIL out of place"....he is a soil guy after all. He knows his DIRT....
Anyway, I decided I would take a break from nature and work on my front door wreath.
I made some rosettes from paper that I ALREADY HAD...and the embellished with fabric roses, and paper rosettes. I added a little metal star with hot glue.

I ran some old book pages through my printer with patriotic words strips and ruffled them through the wreath.

I stood back and looked it over. Somehow those colors are just so terrific together and I never tire of them. They make me feel proud.

Now back to the garden and the dirt...uh, hopefully soon to be soil...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tassels- not the decorating kind....

You would think by the 5th child, I would be more organized and ready. BUT NO....this graduation business just sneaks up and clobbers me every time. Maybe it is the endless, end of their senior year. Concerts and programs and parties and announcements. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and pretend she was in tv room watching "Blues Clues" for the hundreth time. BAHH. But no, she was just standing there with her long white graduation gown needing a press. So, rather than attempt keeping it still white on my long ago stained ironing board- I put it off for another hour by making a new cover....but it didn't work. She went ahead and graduated and moved that tassel over to the right side....