Monday, September 24, 2012

Time out

I am in denial.  Summer can't really be over can it?   I am not embracing fall yet.  Good thing there are a few days of beloved September left.  And I have a monster pile of "things" that need to be done.  A couple of commissions, pumpkin stems that need gluing, little ghoulish dolls that need dressing, skirts that need hemming, lesson for Sunday that needs SERIOUS what.

I needed a "time out" for myself.  Been eyeing an ugly painting that I did many moons ago....and decided to paint over it with GESSO and start another.  Love that recycling!

here is stage one...covering up the white and beginning the concept.

laying down the colors and darks...

So here is the result...and I am happy.  Back to my to do list above.
Let fall come.....

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