Sunday, October 7, 2012


I love making dolls.  I have since I sat on the wood floor of my childhood bedroom and cut up little scraps of fabric and made simple clothes for my "little Kiddles" and  Barbies.  And now I get a real kick out of making fairies and such.
But these heads are NOT fairies.  They are "Ghouly Girls" or "Kitchy Witchees".  On a recent car trip, I   started experimenting
with different head shapes and eyeballs and was having way too much fun.  (anyone that knows 
me know what a poor traveler I am if I don't have something to do 
with my hands.  (I tried snacking and that wasn't good, no not one bit!)

So here are two that have dressed and mounted to their wooden stump piece.  I call this first one 
"Bride with Bone Bouquet"....

 I shall call her "Hamlet's Widow in Purple"...(Emma helped name these....)

More to come.

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