Monday, October 22, 2012

Lost, missing and double drat

When we moved into our new home, I couldn't have been happier about the lot next door.
It was a horse pasture.  Complete with old run down sheds and a couple of barn cats and yes, HORSES.  I could go out anytime and smell the air and feed the steeds a few carrots.  It was heaven.
But of course, pastures go away and big machines come in and pound and dig and  men pound nails all day long.....and the barn gets torn down and the horses hauled away.  It was bound to happen.  But I don't have to like it...
And to top it off, the houses built there were supposedly not supposed to be more than half of them ramblers.  That means that we wouldn't lose our mountain views. RIGHT.  Next door to me, instead of the green horse pasture with horses?  A 3 story house that has windows that look right down into my walk in closet.
I fumed, I complained.  I shopped for curtains or something.  Film?  Curtains, black out blinds?  Or just learn to dress on my hands and knees...bah.  The above is just half of the window.
 So I came upon my solution one day while browsing in Target.
A HA!  I bought these pieces of sea glass in a warm blue color.  I came home and found a cracked piece of thin plexiglass. I cut it the same size as the 2 windows.  Out came my hot glue gun and I worked away piecing little uneven pieces.  I finished it and set it into the space and yes... it works!
And I think it will suffice in this space and hopefully when the new house is finished, I won't scar the new owners when I am dressing.  And the cost?  4 dollars and 98 cents.  Perfect!
Well, then again, I still miss the horses....

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