Friday, December 14, 2012

Sneaking gotta go.

Since moving to the Utah, I have wanted to go to this fun boutique.  Even tried once but with all the traffic and construction, gave up.  But now it is found it will be forever on my list of  WONDERMENT, LOVELINESS, GIRLY, PINK, oh and just FABULOUS!  I signed up for a class to make a wreath...and my sweet husband even went to parents meeting for US.  After getting a bit lost...I found it!  Imagine-pink walls, pink chandeliers, dress forms and just delight at every glance.  And then getting to sit down and make something?  All "stuff" included.  BE STILL MY HEART!
The lady that taught the class is Margie Romney-Aslett and was so fun and funny and talented.  She works for Bazill and does these classes 2 or three a month.Margie Romney-Aslett.  She even had cute
copper-pink shoes on....loved that.

We opened up our bag of goodies and when to town.
They even had a goodie plate and ice water for us....SO COOL!!
I squished and pinched and glued and then went exploring in the amazing shop.

here is my wreath, in place at home...

It was soon time to go....but I will be back.  Oh yes.

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