Sunday, January 20, 2013


One thing I do love about January.,,, ( did I really say those two words together?  LOVE and January?  I misspoke) there is plenty of time to do other things.  It has been cold and nasty here and the snow is still here.  Ah well, it has compelled me to get some little projects done that I had shelved way before Christmas.  I had seen some of the cute collars with beading and I thought I would tackle one of them.
I went online and found a peter pan style that I liked and printed it out. I then cut it out onto plain white blend and sewed it just like you would a collar to attach, leaving the straight end open.
I also interfaced it to give it some shape.
Now my mom is a beader...and my sister would have probably taken a few hours to hand bead those little puppies on...but not me.  I got out my Tacky glue- yeah that expensive one and started laying it out with stones and such.  I put on a Netflix movie and went to town...
I laid a string of beads right on the edge and I think it finished it off well.  I then made a "soup" of all the beads and pretties that I wanted.  I then put the glue down in a inch round and spread beads and then went on.  I had just enough to finish it.  Now on the unfinished edge I just glued a bit of satin ribbon and left enough to tie.  I then did a few tacking stitiches in the front to hold it together.
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I love it.  I have yet to wear it. But one of these days....

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  1. You skipped the part that you didn't buy anything - that you had all these beads in a drawer - and that makes one less drawer to go through -- done.