Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flowers on a cold day..

Today someone that had seen my facebook post asked me if I was in a flower phase....I thought to myself-hmmm.  I have been in a "flower phase" for years now.  And when you give a mouse a cookie.  You have heard that....stay with me here.
I wanted to "clean up" my studio-I am a girl with much stuff.  And it does get to me that I have many boxes with little things of this and that.  So I resolved that during this cold dark winter, I would go through every drawer...(like that is gunna happen...)
Let us get back to the cookie.
I had a very nice recent sale of an original painting.  It gave me some freedom to get some new furniture for my studio space.  I found a cute piece on sale the day after Christmas and I snatched it up right up and drove it home in a blizzard with a quarter of it hanging out the back of my Explorer.  I also bought and installed feet on it and put the shelf unit onto the top.

So this created an empty space on the wall where the shelves had been...This becomes the "cookie" part!

I wanted to create a space that I could also use as a bulletin board and yet be artsy too.  So thus began the "flower" thought.  I got a few pieces of pine and constructed the frame myself so it would fit perfectly in the spot.  I got a handy dandy electric staple gun for Christmas and it made it simple.  Then I got a piece of board and painted it with MANY coats of MAGNETIC paint.  It is smelly and thick and made a real mess.  Then went the coat of white...
Then the FUN began....Oh, how red paint against that turquoise makes the heart lighter.  I was almost sad when it was finished.  But now it is done, these cheery poppies speak to me when I come into the room.
And when I put up a magnet, it held.  Now back to going through those drawers...ick.


  1. That is incredibly beautiful! I love the red and turquoise. You have a great talent!