Sunday, February 10, 2013

On the subject of wings....

I am going to say it outloud.  I love angel wings.  And I decided that I would embrace this fully and make a pair!  I have seen more than a few here and there and I drew up plans and then dove in.
I  found that the "science fair " carboard to be 

an easy and good source of the base.  I penciled in the shape and cut it out.I also covered the brown part of the cardboard with white paper so it wouldn't show through.
I also bought a feather boa and Joanns with a coupon and spread it over the top section,  I would spread hot glue and press the feathers over it.  I found that using a wooden spoon was a great finger saver.
I found it easier to start at the bottom and move  towards the top.  It takes lots of feathers!

Then you repeat for the other wing and then attach with  a  square of cardboard covered with white paper and yes more feathers.
On the back I attached a hanger with hot glue, covered it with white paper and you guessed it...
more feathers!
Now I moved it into place and I am quite happy with it...
Here it is hung up and resting over me in my studio.  Love it!

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