Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring anyone?

It has been a COLD winter.  The weatherman says that out of 73 days of winter (really only 73?  Feels mor like 773 days to me..) that we have had 66 days of lower than normal temperatures.  BRRRR.  Oh, Florida. Where oh where are you?
So, I decided to just start here in the middle of nowhere and blog again.  I will give the 3 sentence rundown.
Rachel finally got a GREAT job.  Stacey is still at BYU and is instructed NOT to look at boys.  Neil still has no job.  Emma is a middle schooler and loves her cat.  Alicia is expecting #2 pink baby and is the usual sicky, sick.  Brian and Claire continue to read lots of books and watch TC Dvds.  Steven, Meredith and kiddos, Ella and Thomas are flowing along in Denver.  Don continues to travel lots and I don't do very well at housework.
So I will just dump a few pictures in here for good measure and then try to do better.  Do not count on it.
making donuts on Conference morning.



  1. It's about time!! Ha! Look whose lecturing on time...okay don't -- is that hardwood in your greatroom?

  2. You got your new hardwood flooring in~ :-) Don was telling us that you were going to do that - how do you like it?