Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doing with scraps

So it's Monday day night and I want to make a pair of witches boots for a Halloween project.

AND more importantly, I want to make them from materials at hand. No running to the store for supplies. My overstocked studio ought to be good for something...right?

Well, thus began the search. I had a bit of pleather left over from camp, but it wasn't quite what I wanted....I went around the house looking. And I went out to the garage, looking here and there. And then I spied it.

An old suitcase that was headed for the trash. Broken zipper, PERFECT! I took my scissors to it and soon had the makings of...yes, witch footwear!!!

I think they turned out pretty cute...or pretty witchy...stayed tuned for the end result.

It involves an umbrella, tulle, and lots of hot glue!

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