Thursday, October 13, 2011

T-shirt Summer Skirt

I have seen a couple of really cute t-shirt skirts this summer. Too bad too many projects get put on the back burner....TOO MANY IDEAS, NOT ENOUGH gunna be on my tombstone!!!
Anyway, when I saw these target' shirts on the clearance rack , I bought several. I bought a 4x so I could have plenty of width for the old hipsters...and they are the same price.

I cut right under the arms straight across the body and set that aside. It then cut several large concentric circles out of the other shirt. I just sewed them on the hemmed edge in two layers.

Depending on the length you need, you could possibly just turn the upper edge into a casing. I added another same size piece of fabric to make additional length for me. i inserted the elastic and sewed that together. I also sewed it down along the sides of the skirt casing. (this is so the elastic only gathers in the back section.)

I then used the extra t-shirt neck edge and fabric to make a rose and attached that with hand stitches.

I wore it with a gray cardigan and white t-shirt. Good thing cuz summer is a goner.


  1. Just saw this on "Under the Table and Dreaming" SUPER cute, think I have to make one (or 2) thanks for sharing your idea

  2. Could you explain how you made the rose? I just can't seem to get it right. I am loving the skirt though!
    motheroferika at