Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Witchy

Love this time of year and all the fun things that go with....these are my new lamp posts that I made. Yup, from lanterns that I got on clearance and pvc pipe and lots of black paint. Don't you love those crows sitting on top? Inside the lanterns are skulls that I got from Wally's with a candle light pushed down inside their brain. It lights up their eye holes so nice and creepy-like.

And here is my recycled suitcase project. Okay, I already owned the socks from girls camp pirate theme. The umbrella was recycled from navy to black with some spray paint. I did purchase the feather boa and tulle for the petticoat.

But those witch shoes were just plain fun to make....

Not sure if this is where it will hang on the big night....too close to banging those little ghouls right on the head....just a thought.

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