Monday, June 11, 2012

As Promised.

Awhile back my sister was visiting and she picked up a small glass goblet as we were shopping here and there. She showed me and said,"this would work on your yard pedestal."  I am sure I nodded "uh-huh".  But I really didn't have a clue what she was talking about.  But then it came up on PINTEREST one day and I said "UH-HUH!"  And the gathering began.

Most of us crafters out there love the gathering part.  We love to be on the "look out" for things to snatch up and feel victorious.  And I was fairly pleased that lots of my "gathering" for this project was in my own cuboard.
LOVE THAT!  But did it keep me from looking everywhere I went?  Uh, NO!

Now some of my "peeps" have requested that I would be a bit better with the Tutorials.  So this one that I will tell you what I did and then what I HAD TO DO and you can decide for yourself after doing great research on what kind of glue to get to bond glass to glass.  I thought I HAD done that and still didn't think it worked very well.  SO, you do your own looking and don't blame me...ha.
gather glass vessels and candlesticks and most importantly...
bud vases.  YES, BUD VASES. They are the first piece because they
are what you slide onto the copper pipe.  Get skinny ones....

clean them out real well and then let them dry completely.
Now comes the HARD/FUN part.  Decide what pieces to stack to make your pedestal.  I came up with oh, probably
100 ideas for each one.  It is very hard to decide.  And maybe I dropped a few and they broke and I said a 
 bad word.
Well, don't do that.
Now comes the tricky part.  Decide on what kind of blasted glue you are going to use.  I used LOCKTITE

outdoor glue and it worked pretty well.  I think I got into trouble when I began using E-6000 that says that it is made to bond glass...but don't believe it.
In the end I used my very hot glue gun and that baby never fails me.  And if I have to glue some back together then so be it.
Just don't stack all the sections on top of each other the same day.  ( cuz it might bring on more swear words...I am just sayin)

oh and see those little fluted ones just above here?
Those are from the dollar store...(disguised as candle holders.. I might have broke a few of those...)
Then you must decide if you are setting them on copper piping like here or a painted spindle or
a dowel you paint.  I opted for the copper tubes.  Shoulda got the thicker ones...just sayin.
so I had to punt.  (reason being that they are heavy when finished and none of my bud vases that are the base piece  (did I mention that?  WEll, they are the first layer...) were real skinny.  You see when you put them on...they want to flop a bit over to the side.  They look a bit I punted.

I cut a piece of clear packaging in a circle and then slit the side and glued it into a cone.
Then I glued the cone on the pipe.
Then I heaped glue on the top of cone, thinking that it would stabilize the vase a bit.  It does-just a bit.
Then just quickly add each of the towers onto a rod.


  1. That is so cute! Good job! And dont worry about the swearing... I think it comes with the craft ;)

  2. Very pretty and inspirational!


  3. I absouletly love these! new follower, Jamie

  4. These turned out very pretty! I can see myself dropping/breaking a few too if I ever created this.
    Looks lovely in your yard.

  5. Fun!

    Yea, I tried to do the teacup bird feeders several years back using E6000, and it lasted for about three or four days before coming unglued. Funny that it can hold jewelry pieces together so well, but not what it's actually supposed to hold.

    I've never heard of LOCKTITE, will have to look for it.