Monday, June 4, 2012

Bit of this...bit of that...

So all you fans out there....I am so sorry that I have been absent.  I know that you are waiting on pins and needles to see me back.  (Can you hear my sarcasm?)  But when I don't post, I feel sad because it means I haven't completed any projects of late.
But I do have a few things here they are.
beautiful iris that remind me of home.

one of my first roses of the season....

custom watercolor that I am working on.....

a great new recipe from WW that tastes like quiche' and is only 3 pts*

A blessing dress I made for sweet new niece baby Sophia...
my new chevron skirt with royal sweater....
and the glass collection that is being glued as we speak....stay tuned!
A bit of this and that.  Gardening is sucking up lots of my day, but I LOVE IT!  SO, if you tune back later
and see nothing new...picture me in the garden.  There I will be with mud between my toes and pretty flowers sprouting all over...that's the plan.
See you in the garden!!


  1. That blessing dress is beautiful! And I love your chevron skirt-so cute!

  2. I just might have to have another baby and cross my fingers and toes to hope its a girl so we can commission a blessing dress from you! That is gorgeous!