Monday, June 18, 2012

Valspar color sample in "Twilight Meadow"!

I have decided that I would like a new job. I want to name paint.  Yup, all those exotic colors that speak to me from slots in the Home Depot.  In all their arrayed glory, shade to shade and dark to light.  Oh, is enough to make me stop in my "hurry in and out" clothes that I don't ever want to be caught dead in.  But there I am in the paint swatch department, salivating like a little kid in the front of a bakery window.  But so far in my scanning of job descriptions, I have NEVER seen anyone asking for help to name paints.  I could do it for fingernail polish too...lipstick, the possibilities are endless.  "Begoinas Bemused" or "Frothy Hot Toddy" or what about"Whispering Wild Vanilla".

But for today, I will just paint these gorgeous colors on old furniture that I find at the thrift store.  I found this door at the DI and hauled it home...15 bucks.  It was the deal of the week.  Yes sir.
THere is that VALSPAR color sample jar...only $2.47 for 8 fl oz
of lovely "Twilight Meadow".  And the arm of my lovely
assistant, EMMA.

I had also picked up an IKEA mirror in the reject department and painted it white over the black that it once was.  (Probably "Midnight Madness" black!)
I removed the mirror and cut a piece of tag board for the inside  and painted that with chalkboard paint.

With a few brushes of sandpaper to give it that worn look, I reinserted the blackboard and flattened those little brad things and voile'.  A place to write clever stuff  and more yellow insulation covered up!

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  1. I have one of these Ikea frames and love it! Check out some ways to use them, I love this chalkboard idea too !

    I'm a new follower as well and would love if you followed back!