Friday, February 17, 2012

My mother's kitchen

Oh for the love of aqua, or turquoise or sea glass.  Whatever you wanna call it....I LOVE IT.
(And I read somewhere that it is the universal good color on every skin type.)  I had such a great result adding my painted Kerr Jars to my studio that I wanted to add more.
I did some deep cleaning this week and threw out 6 sacks of stuff.  Trying not to break my arm patting myself on the back.  But really some of this stuff deserved the heave ho.  I am so glad that the company paid for us to move and that I DIDN'T pay for some of this junk to come....really.
But I had this mirror with no home....I had painted it to match my red kitchen 10 years ago.  (It had fruit and checkered edges everywhere...).
So, I primed and is very HARD TO WAIT..
Then I got my aqua paint and began.  10 coats later.. I had just kept painting on more variations...I HATED IT!!  It was tooooo aqua or turquoise and not enough sea glass. GRRRRR.

I put my kiester in the truck and went over to the DEPOT and looked at Martha's colors and did some homework on PINTEREST.  I found what I wanted...

I started again.
I mixed some colors and made a glaze of chocolate brown.

It looks quite pale here in the sunlight...but in reality it is a perfect color of SEA GLASS.

But with the glaze of brownish paint, it turned out PERFECT...

Now onto my next DI find....YAY!!
Oh and about the mother had an aqua kitchen when I was a little girl.  I loved it.