Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeing the bones.

I was tired of my bulletin board.  But looking at my bb, I realized that to get to it and dismantle the whole mess, I would have to get rid of the table that was directly in front of said bb.   It was piled with stuff and one of my printers.  That got me to thinking.   TOO many surfaces make it tougher to keep things clean.  Whereas I have plenty of drawer room, I have a tendency to pile stuff.  Knowing this doesn't really keep me from doing it.  I just admit it and try to do better.  (Man, this sounds like the lecture I gave my son just this weekend....bah!)
ANYWAY, I decided to fold up that table and put away the stuff and do something different for a printer table.
My plans were finding something for less than 40 bucks either at IKEA or maybe luck out and find something at DI.  Well, it was my lucky day!!  I found this....
 I sanded and patched, and wiped and then I painted it an aqua color, 2 coats.

I then decided that I wanted an antiqued look, so I went and bought Gel antiquing medium.  But rather than crack it open I decided to just mix up an acrylic type and use that.  I brushed it on and then wiped it off.

It was looking great!  I then went to find the hardware I wanted and it seems to always be that my taste is  better than my wallet.  But I found two or three things I didn't use from the DEPOT and returned them and came out with enough refund to buy hardware.  YAY!
I also decided that I wanted to paint some flower detail on the front.  All and all, I love this new addition to my studio and I remembered yesterday that oh, yeah, I can put STUFF inside it!  And total cost? Less than 40 dollars....
And now onto a new bulletin board.


  1. Love this! It's beautiful! I need a new filing cabinet and this is inspiring me for sure!

    I would absolutely love if you linked this up to my new linky party going on now!!!

    xoxo, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  2. Beautiful job! :) I love the color and that it was an inexpensive project. :) ~ Megan