Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Up to my eyeballs in DOUGH...

At the end of the week, I always look back and wonder.  Just what did I do all week.  With no "little ones" underneath my feet anymore, I should have huge accomplishments.  Uh, okay, I will settle for small victories.
Yes, I will.
So, I was asked to teach a decorating cookies class at church.  And you know me, can't do just a B- job,
it MUST be overdone and marvelous...
Here are the candidates.
I  saw Martha on Friday and she had a lady that decorated the cutest GNOME cookies, so I simply used my Santa cookie cutter and  voile'.

I feel like I cracked the code for making pretty cookies with the decorators icing...yes, the one that sets up like cement.  Pretty to look at but the cookies taste like cardboard and the frosting, well, like cement.

I decorate the cookies and let them set for a few hours or even better overnight
Find a plastic container and line the bottom with a  paper towel that has been saturated with water and then wrung out.
On top of that I put a single layer of wax paper.  Then layer the cookies in a single layer on top of the wax paper. The cookies should not touch the paper towel.
Put on the lid and seal.  Wait over night and  surprise the next day, the cookies are soft again and the frosting is still cute.
 I teach the class tonight so I am off to package and make another pedestal with a tree stem (did you see that one on pinterest???)
I will post picture of my students glories.
Until, then ugh, YOU go and eat 
a cookie, I am never going to sample them again.
Well, until I make cookies next time.

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