Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whitman, the bird.

I am embarrassed. Sometimes the designer, sewer, painter in me cannot  GIVE it up if I can't figure something out.
I saw some darling little birds on Pinterest and I have a particular OBSESSION for birds. Not sure what that says about me, but at this point in life, I don't fight it.
Sooo, rather than send for the 4 dollar pattern, I decided that I would make it myself.
 I probably made 300 ( okay probably more like 20) birds outta muslin.  Yes, it even bothered me in sleep and I woke up trying to get my brain around the specific dimensions that I wanted.  Oh, my, GOODNESS.  I am so picky about what I saw in my brain, and what I came up with...bah.  I would throw it down and go bake more cookies.  (see previous post.)

I finally decided that enough was enough and I could let someone else be a successful designer of cute fat birds. GRRRRRR.  I ordered the pattern off of ETSY.  The seller promised a download in 24 hrs or less. 
 I waited.
I waited more than 24 hrs. 
 I waited more.
 I emailed her and said very politely..."please send me that pattern". 
( I found out that her PROMISE was not so great...)  I emailed her again and I wasn't as patient.  I told her to "resolve the matter soon." 

 In the mean time, I finally made a little bird that I  liked.  It was an accident.
I named him WHITMAN.
He looks a bit mad doesn't he?

I rather like his fancy tail.

He sits all alone in his plaster dipped nest
with a few feathers for comfort.

I think I need to make him a mate.
He looks a bit lonely in his nest all alone.
The pattern I used for him is here someplace.....I think.

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